Infor ERP FACTS is an ideal enterprise solution for distribution companies that want and need to keep virtually all of their focus on core business processes. It is highly configurable and has industry-specific functionality to streamline a wide range of processes including buying, stocking, selling, and servicing customers. Infor ERP FACTS helps distribution companies improve performance and cash flow, enhance customer service, and maximize resources company-wide  Read More

Infor ERP SX.e

With the most powerful system available for managing the complex demands of the distribution industry, you gain unrivaled control—in managing thousands of transactions, tracking tens of thousands of line items, and keeping tabs on thousands of suppliers and customers. Improve what matters most: managing your warehouse workflow, automating purchasing, streamlining your work process, and improving your inventory management.

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About DPI

We are focused on providing Infor10 ERP Distribution to small and medium sized distribution and light manufacturing companies in the South-eastern United States. With this strong business ERP software systems, the technologies employed with Infor ERP FACTS, and our extensive experiences, we have enabled our clients to effectively integrate diverse business processes and realize a rapid return on investment with applications that meet the real world needs from their distribution software.   Read More

                         Some of the Industries We Serve...
                                                                                        (among many others)

HVAC-200x200medical 200x200fasteners 200x200

           HVAC Supply                                Medical Supply                              Fastener Supply

Resturant Supply_200x200plumbingTile 200x200

          Resturant Supply                              Plumbing Supply                               Tile Supply

DPI Referral Program

Earn $500

All you have to do is send us a qualified new lead and you will receive $500 and a beautiful designer coffee mug. The potential customer does not even have to buy FACTS. We just want the opportunity to get in the running. You will receive your money and mug immediately following our first demo to them.

A qualified lead is a mid-sized company of 10 to 500 employees in the nine state DPI territory - Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida – that is currently or soon will be looking to buy software to run their company, and where our Infor ERP FACTS software is a good fit.

Hurry, call 877-459-8559 to complete a form over the phone.

Infor Financing

An Easy Way to Pay

Infor is making it easier than ever for customers to lower their total cost of ownership and put technology to work immediately to establish a stronger competitive edge
Infor Financing helps customers distribute the costs of purchasing and implementing business software, including software licenses, professional services, and maintenance fees, over time. Qualified customers who take advantage of the program also get zero percent financing for twenty four months. This means customers can move forward immediately with critical business initiatives while spreading initial payments over a number of years, preserving working capital and cash.
Infor Financing is available to companies of all sizes, giving them the flexibility to move forward today-without having to wait for the next budget cycle.



Find The Right ERP

 10 Questions to Ask

Top 10 questions to ask before deciding on a ERP system

  1.  Do you know and understand the business problems your organization’s business leaders plan to solve with ERP?
  2.  Does your organization have a business-application vendor already?
  3. Does your organization have any legacy ERP systems to contend with?
  4. Is a vertical ERP solution suitable for your organization?
  5. What functionality will your organization actually use?
  6. Does the ERP solution align with your organization’s business processes?
  7. Does your organization have the IT resources necessary to support an on-premise installation?
  8. What kind of services will your organization require from the ERP vendor?
  9. What is the true cost of the ERP solution?
  10. Does the vendor have a clear long-term product strategy?