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   DPI Programming
When your business has specific needs that require customized solutions, we offer assistance in design and applications programming. We discuss and evaluate the customer’s individual business needs, define and develop any custom modifications or third party interfaces required to tailor to your specific working environment. This process includes development of requirement specifications for approval by customer, development of the modifications, testing and documentation, delivery of prototype and completion by obtaining final sign off and acceptance from the customer before implementation and live processing.
Data Conversion Mapping- we can help identify existing data files of information that need to be moved from your old system and map it to the new application. We also assist you with eliminating old or erroneous information before converting to the new system.
   DPI Education
Whether you are implementing a new ERP system, or upgrading a current system, DPI Information Services can help you achieve your goals.
Adequate education is vital to the successful implementation of your system. Our education features hands-on training, performing tasks and real-world scenarios with you becoming knowledgeable in just a matter of days. Different education methods may be used including formal classroom training, on-site one-on-one training and Train the Trainer. Through our process we work with you to clarify and define the amount and type of education needed based on your specific needs, the number of users, and level of complexity. Also, our online resources and events enable you to focus on learning just what you want on your timeframe.
   DPI  Consulting
Expertise and experience to help you identify and implement business strategies to improve the operations of your business.
It also requires extending and evolving that foundation in order to seize new opportunities and meet new challenges. Our professionals work with you to rapidly implement the right solution, identify improvement opportunities, analyze business problems, capture business requirements, add value to your existing systems, and manage change. They do this by following a disciplined implementation methodology honed from many years of experience to control risk and ensure your project is on time and on budget. DPI Consulting helps companies like yours:
  • Establish a focused strategic direction
  • Implement business-specific solutions in shorter timeframes
  • Improve enterprise performance
  • Optimize operational quality
  • Optimize your solution environment
  • Migrate smoothly to new versions